Walk to you as I keep my feet in the shadow

Andrés H.
4 min readAug 28, 2023
Image from https://unsplash.com/photos/gzXhH-RiydU

English translation of my original story ( Spanish ) https://medium.com/@afhuertas/caminar-hacia-ti-con-los-pies-en-la-sombra-b45f09107d6e

My arm hanging next to my body, making a little bow. Waiting for yours. By then I had become a bit of a professional in the act, of waiting for your little gestures. You’d take my arm shyly and walk beside me while I kept my feet in the shade.

The city almost seems too small when we were walking together. And I say almost because it still makes room for both of us. However, the world seemed to shrink and so at every instant my concentration — and perhaps yours — had to be reduced to certain small and punctual tasks. To hold your hands between mine gently, while I still feel each of your fingers gliding softly over my skin, searching for their favorite place. Or to look in the reflection of your eyes for that undeniable sign that you desire a kiss. And I as I walk beside you, contemplate the signs and make them my own, as I walk slowly under the lights of dim autumn lamps, as I keep my feet in the shadow.

But unlike my feet, my hands have been allowed a place in the light. My touch has been given a privileged place among your list of priorities and this is how caressing you in the light becomes possible. And I memorize your new gesture and your cheeks dare to leave the pale color of…